IT Administrator

How Much Money Does an IT Administrator Make?

You’ll notice that the role of IT administrator makes a great living. Of course, these salary ranges depend on where you are located. The IT administrator salary range  is about $100,000 each year. This is because most system administrators oversee a large variety of platform systems, so the IT administrator salary is high. You can start off as a basic IT system administrator working with smaller projects and make about $65,000 each year. A telecommunication manager works mostly with phone and VoIP communications, and these people make about $85,000 each year. A networking consultant oversees the networking equipment for both telephony and computer networks, and these people make about $65,000 each year. As a senior IT administrator, your salary can go up to $95,000 each year, which is the median range for most IT administrators. A senior IT administrator has a firm grasp on several different technologies and platforms including Linux and Windows systems. When you manage IT systems, you usually have a team working with you to perform different tasks related to the network and enterprise architecture. The field of IT is a booming industry where you’ll find a great salary package for your experience.

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